2022-07-12 10:32

First home run made at Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Center

The "Exciting Hangzhou, Amazing Shaoxing" National Softball Championship took place at the Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Center from June 24 to 29.

2022-07-09 18:12

Come and experience this new sports spot: Shaoxing Asian Games Venues are open to the public

In theTraining Centre of Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre, the Aquatic Sports Arena, Ball Games Hall (badminton, tennis and basketball) and indoor & outdoor football fields are open to the citizens from July 8 for free.

2022-04-25 15:16

Digital yuan to be piloted in 6 cities hosting Asian Games

The orderly expansion of digital renminbi trials in China is expected to advance its research and development and wide-range applications, experts said on Monday, as the nation works to build a robust ecosystem for its digital currency, or e-CNY.

2022-04-24 13:21

Let us try sport climbing! A Portuguese boy takes you to experience “Ballet on Cliffs”

Today, let us listen to the sport climbing story of a Portuguese boy Andrin on teaching in Shaoxing.

2022-04-21 14:11

Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre, the largest new venue of Hangzhou Asian Games officially opened

Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre became fully functional a few days ago. It is the largest of the 12 new venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

2022-04-14 18:31

Shaoxing Keqiao Jianhu Football Pitch hides these technical details

Shaoxing Keqiao Jianhu Football Pitch passed the acceptance by the Asian Games Organising Committee, and will complete the handover of the venue by the end of April.

2022-04-02 15:04

Slick, smart and sustainable venues put Shaoxing in spotlight

Besides primary host city Hangzhou, this year's Asian Games competitions will also be staged in neighboring Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing and Jinhua.

2022-03-29 19:19

A self-cleaning gym? Let's have a close look at SBSSC!

This center will provide comprehensive supporting services for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 and will witness 2 gold medals awarded to athletes during this event.

2022-03-04 19:45

Do you love climbing? Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 awaits you to become one of climbing addicts

As the venue for the Sports Climbing competition during Hangzhou AsianGames, Yangshan Sport Climbing Center in Shaoxing has attracted much attention.The construction of the whole venue has been basically completed.

2022-03-02 15:15

Chinese Baseball Association Guides Preparation for Baseball Games in Hangzhou Asian Games in Shaoxing

A Shaoxing’s team who is responsible for the preparation of baseball games in Hangzhou Asian Games made a detailed report on the construction progress of venues, organization plan and schedule of the venue’s operation team, equipment procurement, operation plan for venues, game service during the event and other matters.

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