Shaoxing's artisan sports-themed egg carvings pay tribute to Hangzhou Asian Games

2023/08/17 17:28

Recently, Li Xiaohe, a renowned folk artisan with a five-star rating from Shaoxing City, has completed a captivating collection of sports-themed egg carvings. These artworks beautifully capture the essence of athletes participating in ten different sports, including high jump, hurdles, table tennis, football, men's basketball, weightlifting, swimming, tennis, running, and even pommel horse.

Li Xiaohe is also a distinguished member of the Shaoxing Table Tennis Association and a para athlete. He once clinched the first place in the men's singles TT9 event at the 10th Zhejiang Provincial Games for People with Impairments.

The delicate art of painting and carving on eggshells can be likened to "dancing on the edge of a knife", posing an immense challenge to the skills and patience of egg carving artisans. Using this unique approach, he presents his egg carving masterpieces as a tribute to the Hangzhou Asian Games and Hangzhou Asian Para Games. As he eloquently expresses, "For the Chinese people, the number ten symbolises luck and perfection. Through these artworks, I extend my heartfelt wishes for the complete success of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Hangzhou Asian Para Games."

In the days to come, Li Xiaohe plans to craft a series of Asian Games-themed egg carvings, aspiring to capture the attention of a broader audience for the Games.

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