2022-08-19 10:58

Hangzhou generates $90b in service added value in H1

The added value of Hangzhou's service sector in the first half of this year was 612.1 billion yuan ($90.22 billion), a year-on-year rise of 5.4 percent.

2022-08-19 10:58

Hangzhou launches digital manufacturing center

The Yangtze River Delta (Hangzhou) Manufacturing Digital Ability Center was launched at the 2022 China Industry Big Data Conference held on Aug 11.

2022-08-18 16:51

Elderly rock musician turned welfare activist

Dong Yunrong, founder of the rock band Yaogun Nainai, was selected to be the 2022 Chinese filial piety figure during the 8th Chinese Filial Piety Cultural Festival in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province last week.

2022-08-18 16:50

Hangzhou strives for best biz environment in China

The friendly business environment in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province is like fresh air nourishing market entities in the city, Hangzhou Daily reported.

2022-08-17 11:56

Tianmu Mountain: A holiday getaway in Hangzhou

Due to its fresh air and family-friendly recreational activities, Tianmu Mountain in Lin'an district has become the first choice for many people looking for a holiday getaway in Hangzhou.

2022-08-17 11:56

Longjing tea village develops cultural tourism

In recent years, the village has integrated art with the local tea industry to breathe new life into the development of cultural tourism.

2022-08-16 17:02

How did Hangzhou people survive heat without AC

How did people in Hangzhou survive the sweltering heat before air conditioners? Let's check it out.

2022-08-16 17:02

Hangzhou recognized as pilot city for IPR development

Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, was recognized as a pilot demonstration city for effective intellectual property protection, according to a notice released by the China National Intellectual Property Administration on Aug 11.

2022-08-16 17:02

Song Dynasty charm in 1,000 years exhibition opens

The first stop of the "Song Dynasty (960-1279) Charm in Thousand Years - Hundred Museums Joint Exhibition" recently kicked off at the West Lake Museum in Hangzhou.

2022-08-15 12:12

Live: A bird's-eye view relay in Hangzhou

300 sorties of drones will relay in the cloud, showing the wonderful colors of day and night of Hangzhou from above.

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