2022-11-25 14:48

Expats witness changes in Hangzhou's villages

Nearly 30 expats living in Hangzhou, visited rural areas in the city from Nov 18 to 19, which encourages them to learn about the changes in Hangzhou's rural areas.

2022-11-24 16:55

Hangzhou holds the Maple Festival themed by greeting the Asian Games

The scenic spot Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou holds the Blessing Maple Festival themed by "greeting the Asian Games" to attract visitors to appreciate the beaty of maple trees.

2022-11-23 15:01

Hangzhou company makes scarves, hats for World Cup

Hangzhou Moshanghua Computerized Knitting Co, a company based in Linan, has become one of the official suppliers of scarves and hats for fans of the Qatar World Cup.

2022-11-15 11:52

Hangzhou's 'Folk World Cup' kicks off

The Binjiang District Employees' Soccer League, which is known to locals as the "Folk World Cup", kicked off at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center on Nov 5.

2022-11-15 11:52

Tennis invitational tournament opens in Hangzhou

The "Samaranch Cup" Tennis City Invitational Tournament (Hangzhou Station) was held at the Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou on Nov 5.

2022-11-15 11:52

Badminton superstars coach children at Huanglong stadium

Two badminton superstars were invited to coach children at the Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou on Oct 29 as part of the Huanglong Open Class program.

2022-11-03 16:55

Hangzhou makes contributions to create the world's first cold atomic optical clock

The world's first space-used cold atomic optical clock independently researched and developed by China was co-developed by the National Time Service Center of CAS and Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study of UCAS.

2022-10-28 15:53

Expats visit hickory nuts museum in Lin'an

International residents in Hangzhou were invited to visit the hickory nuts museum and Yao Sheng Ji digital factory last Friday to learn about how the Hangzhou specialty is picked and roasted.

2022-10-26 15:51

New moves at primary school of Hangzhou to conduct the cycling training

Hangzhou Changshouqiao Primary School has effectively improved the sports skills of students through innovative training methods and modified sports equipment in the slightly confined field.

2022-10-26 15:51

Chinese Roses along Hangzhou elevated roads in full bloom

Chinese roses along elevated roads in Hangzhou bloom once more in autumn to present the splendid and luxuriant Hangzhou to the world during Hangzhou Asian Games.

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