Dream Three Kingdoms 2 players train in Shaoxing

2023/08/01 13:18

As the countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games draws closer, professional "Dream Three Kingdoms 2" e-sports players have assembled at the E-Games Town in Shaoxing to undergo intensive training, local media reported on July 27.

Dream Three Kingdoms 2 was independently developed by Electronic Soul. The game integrates historical documents into its characters and gameplay design to recreate and portray historical figures from the Three Kingdoms period (220-280).

The game introduces various types of instance modes based on stories during the Three Kingdoms period, allowing players to learn about historical culture during the competitive process.

Customized training venues and accommodations have been provided to the e-sports players in the E-Games Town, ensuring they are wholly focused on their training and helping them perform at their peak in the upcoming Games.

The training facilities cover nearly 1,000 square meters and are divided into training rooms, coaching rooms, activity zones, and rest areas. Specialized food counters have been set up to cater to players' dietary needs.

"For players, transitioning from domestic competitions to representing China in the Asian Games is a huge leap, and it not only tests their individual abilities but also presents a psychological challenge," said Zhou Ke, a professional Dream Three Kingdoms 2 player who trains in the E-Games Town.

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