Smart Hangzhou

Hangzhou has achieved remarkable results in terms of informatization, retaining its position among the top cities in China. 

It has nearly achieved full coverage of optic fiber network, with the coverage ratio of mobile communication network exceeding 99%. This indicates that the city has largely built a wireless network covering key public venues. In addition, a system characterized by "government services powered by Internet+" has generally taken shape. 

Meanwhile, a series of smart applications have been launched under the Citizen Card scheme, integrating social security, employment, public transport, publication/education, culture/tourism and other public services. These applications have enabled its citizens to have access to services such as publications, performances, exhibitions, training and more, with just one card in hand. 

Moreover, the city has developed a mechanism for smart city administration revolving around "one center, four platforms". A grid-like city administration mechanism has also taken shape. At the same time, research on the application of transport-related big data is being rolled out. The pilot launch of "data brain" application has comprehensively elevated the city's expertise in transport management and services. 

Furthermore, Hangzhou is pursuing smart manufacturing as a key direction for its economic transformation and upgrade. The fusion of "Artificial Intelligence+", "Internet+", "Standard+" and "Robotics+" has augmented the city as a brand that takes pride in its tagline: Smartly Made in Hangzhou. At the same time, the application of tourism-related big data is fostering the growth of smart tourism in 10 key tourism sectors, namely dining, teahouse, show business, wellness, health, cosmetics, women's apparel, sports & leisure, baby and toddler, and fine arts & handicrafts. The big data sector is booming in Hangzhou while smart ecommerce sector continues to maintain its lead position. 

According to the White Paper on China New Smart City, released by China Internet Association in 2016, Hangzhou ranks atop all Chinese cities in terms of "Internet+" application and development of a smart lifestyle. 

Hangzhou: A city where you can head out of the house without your wallet 

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