Travel to Hangzhou

Tranquil lake and rvier views are romantic and emotional. Its two World Heritage Sites, the West Lake and the Grand Canal,provide plenty of tourist attractions. The admission-free West Lake scenic area sees its popularity ever soaring. The Spring Dawn on the Su Causeway and the Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge as in the City's Top Ten Traditional Scenic Spots still hold a fascination for visitors, while the New Top 10 Spots such as the Bamboo Paths Winding through Clouds, the Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village, the Zen Traces of Lingyin Temple, Listening to the Waves at the Six Harmonies Pagoda are impossible to turn away from. 

The Great Canal goes up north from Hangzhou. Today it is still a formidable shipping route, but on top of that people go there to relax and see sights. They are eager to sit in a boat that goes up from the Wulin Gate and passes under many old bridges. Listening to the lapping water and taking in the views of red lanterns coming to life along the river, you are experiencing all the pleasures and surprises a canal boat could ever give you. 

The graceful Xixi Wetland, the immense Qiantang River, as well as the crystal clear Qiandao Lake cannot be missed. And the Fuchun River floats through verdant hills as it has done for thousands of years to be part of a painting that sees the crisscrossing of three big rivers. 

A leisurely stroll through the Hefang Street, Southern Song Imperial Street, and through a maze of the drum tower, period houses and century-old stores gives you the illusion of time travel. 

To get a taste of local life, one also needs to visit the Longjing Village to sip a cup of tea as well as to be entertained by the tea-picking tunes. 

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