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Tickets for Hangzhou Asian Games Will Be Available in October
Source:The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

The sales of tickets for Hangzhou Asian Games will start in October this year. 

Beijing Red Horse Media (Damai), as the main ticketing carrier, will provide professional ticketing service of Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games for spectators. 

The ticketing work will, sticking to the idea of “green, smart, economic, ethical” and “sunny, harmonious, self-improvement, shared”, make full use of the comprehensive advantages, including big data, blockchain, face recognition and other AI technologies, and Smart Hangzhou 2022, to improve the public’s games-watching experience of “Smart Asian Games” from a high-tech, digitalized perspective. 

As to the design and pricing of the tickets, the public will be provided with more convenient ways to purchase the tickets and watch the competitions. More young people will be encouraged to engage in the competitions and activities, which will for sure play a positive role in their healthy growth. 

“Ticket+” is another highlight. Tickets will serve as a bond connecting multiple steps, including on-the-spot games watching, franchised products, urban trip, food, accommodation, tourism, public benefit, theme activities, and interaction with sponsors, so as to offer “all-in-one” games-watching experience. Meanwhile, the official ticketing website will chain up all tickets to realize digitalized ticketing service using blockchain technology. 

Tickets for Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games will be divided into two categories – big customer ticket and public customer ticket – according to the overall arrangement of the ticketing work. You can buy the tickets on the official website of Hangzhou Asian Games or offline.