All-element rehearsal of Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony wraps up

2023/09/12 17:29

On the evening of September 9, the 3rd rehearsal of the 19th Asian Games Opening Ceremony concluded smoothly and tested all processes of the ceremony and artistic performances with all elements involved.

With nearly 50,000 spectators on site, the rehearsal was held smoothly: the warm-up segment went well, the ceremony and artistic performance were completed on time, the link-to-link connection was seamless and well-ensured without safety issues or mistakes, and the actors and operation personnel collaborated closely. All these contributed to visual effects of the opening ceremony, tested achievements of various tasks in the previous stage, and offered hints for further adjustments.

According to the design team, the Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony will be held on autumnal equinox, echoing its creation concept of promoting fine traditional Chinese culture and showcasing the modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

It is understood that after this rehearsal, the design team will have some videos, costumes, props, and equipment readjusted and another comprehensive rehearsal will be held before the official staging.

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