Hangzhou Asian Games: designs of victory ceremony bouquet, medal tray, podium released

2023/08/24 15:30

On August 24, marking the 30-day countdown to Hangzhou Asian Games, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee released the victory ceremony bouquet, medal tray, and podium.

Victory Ceremony Bouquet

The victory ceremony bouquet is named "Fruits of Triumph", symbolising the sportsmanship of the Asian Games athletes who forge ahead and never give up, and wishing them a fruitful and honorable return.

The bouquet is composed of rice ears and lotus pods that represent both harvests and achievements in Chinese culture, a rose of China breed that is known as the "Baby Heart", butterfly orchids that embody the "Rainbow Purple" from the Asian Games colour system, and Hangzhou's distinctive plants of Longjing tea branches and sweet osmanthus branches. All these showcase the city's unique allure and cultural heritage.

The shape of the floral vessel is inspired by huagu, a long-stemmed, broad-lipped vessel produced in the Southern Song (1127-1279) Imperial Kiln. The vessel is made of wood exquisitely carved via the craftsmanship of Dongyang Wood Carving, known as national intangible cultural heritage. The undulating water pattern at the mouth of the vessel is taken from the poetic rhythmic beauty of the rolling hills and winding rivers in Zhejiang. The carved mascots of the Asian Games are ever ready to celebrate the victory of the medal-winning athletes with a lively and cheerful gesture.

Victory Ceremony Medal Tray

The design of the medal tray is inspired by the rippling surface of the West Lake in the breeze, integrated with the flowing ribbon imagery in the Asian Games core graphic of "Meeting the World". The overall presentation is neat and streamlined, while the overall design shows the simplicity and liberality of the lakes and hills, and the characteristics of being unfolding, relaxed, warm and delicate in the Jiangnan region. The tray is made of aluminium with one-piece press molding, and its surface is coated with an environmentally-friendly water-based finish. Thanks to the lightweight design that improves the structural strength, the centre of the tray is recessed to hold and protect the medal. And the good ergonomic design also brings a good experience for the awarding process.

Victory Ceremony Podium

The podium's exterior features a gradient colour of "Rainbow Purple", conveying the concept of vitality and innovation. The surface of the podium is adorned in a light-gray texture that permeates pure white, reflecting the spirit of inclusiveness and advance, and harmony and win-win cooperation in Asian countries and regions. The podium is modular and easy to assemble, making it suitable for a wide range of sports. Furthermore, the front thematic panels can be replaced and reused, reflecting the spirit of a green and economical Asian Games.

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