Inheritor creates ceramic work to celebrate upcoming Asian Games

2023/08/11 15:10

Volleyball players perform spike jumps and ocean waves' rise and fall, creating a strong visual impact. These patterns belong to a piece of ceramic work themed on beach volleyball created to celebrate the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ceramic artist Shi Zhen, who created the work, is an inheritor of the firing technique of celadon, the signature Yue Kiln product, in east China's Zhejiang Province.

Shi decided to promote China's excellent traditional culture through celadon after hearing that Ningbo city, Zhejiang is going to host beach volleyball, sailing and windsurfing competitions during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

It took her nearly half a year to finish the ceramic work featuring beach volleyball.

The ceramic work is 24 centimeters tall and 28.5 centimeters wide. It displays various moves in beach volleyball that reflect the competitive spirit in athletes.

"I wanted to give my works a modern touch. I used some special methods to help the work better express itself and convey harmony between man and nature," said Shi, adding that the work combines the ocean culture of Ningbo with the spirit of the Asian Games.

Photo shows the ceramic work themed on beach volleyball. (People's Daily Online/Chen Luxun)

"The Hangzhou Asian Games has entered the final countdown. I hope my work can show the charm and history of Ningbo, and help create a good atmosphere for the Games," Shi expressed.

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