Esports events Asian Games Version make debut promoting Olympic spirit

2023/05/22 15:59

On May 20, the "Exciting Hangzhou" M-ZONE Cup Esports National lnvitational Tournament kicked off. The seven esports events of the Hangzhou Asian Games, including League of Legends, Arena of Valor Asian Games Version, Game for Peace Asian Games Version, DOTA 2, Three Kingdoms 2, Street Fighter 5, and FIFA Online 4, will be held in two stages.

Arena of Valor and Game for Peace Asian Games versions made their first public appearance in this tournament. These two games have attracted a lot of attention as the contestants will use exclusive versions specially designed for the Hangzhou Asian Games. This glimpse into the transformation of these games provides insights into the inclusion of esports in the Olympics.

For Arena of Valor Asian Games Version, a 5v5 draft mode is adopted. There are 63 selectable heroes, and the two teams are divided into the blue side and the red side. The battlefield has three lanes with three defense towers each, and each side has only one crystal. In addition to the three lanes, there are also jungles, rivers, and mechanisms. The ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy's crystal.

Game for Peace Asian Games Version has undergone significant changes. Taking real sports events as a reference, it recreates parachute jumping, off-road racing, and shooting competitions in an esports setting. Each game is participated in by four teams, with four athletes in each team. The athletes need to drive vehicles for a racing and shooting competition. During the race, they will pass through multiple checkpoints and urban areas. The team that reaches the finish line first wins the game.

Game for Peace Asian Games Version retains shooting, driving, parachuting, and other elements, adhering to the Olympic spirit, and showcasing the characteristics of high openness, realism, and competitiveness in the event. It is a harmonious, fair, and healthy esports event embodying the spirit of unity, struggle, and competition in sports, which is precisely the key for esports' inclusion in the Olympics.

Xing Xiaosi, the director of venue operations, stated that, during this national invitational tournament the seven Asian Games events will be brought together for the first time, and the entire process and elements will be practiced according to Asian Games standards. During the Asian Games, the esports events will have shorter schedules, placing higher demands on the operational team and venue transitions.

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