5th Coordination Committee Meeting for the Hangzhou Asian Games Held

2023/03/22 10:50

The 5th Coordination Committee Meeting for the Hangzhou Asian Games was held on 16 March. Dr Husain Al-Musallam, Director General of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA); Yang Shu'an, Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) and Vice President of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (HAGOC); and Yao Gaoyuan, Vice President and Secretary General of HAGOC and Mayor of Hangzhou, each delivered an address at the meeting. Also present at the meeting were Song Luzeng, Vice President of the OCA and Li Lingwei, Vice President of the COC and Deputy Secretary General of HAGOC, as well as several Hangzhou city leaders including Chen Weiqiang and Liu Pinjun.

Dr Al-Musallam expressed his gratitude to Zhejiang province and the city of Hangzhou for the tremendous efforts made in preparing for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games and the strong support shown for sports in Asia. He also acknowledged the status of preparations for the event.

"Since the launch of the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games, Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City have actively responded to various challenges, overcome the impact of the pandemic and other difficulties, advanced the preparations to a high standard, and implemented the tasks one after another. All the work has progressed smoothly. We believe that, athletes from all over the world will experience the joy of the Olympic Sports at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The Olympic Council of Asia will fully support and closely promote preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games to make the Games a successful sports event and jointly boost the vigorous development of sports in Asia," said Dr Al-Musallam.

Yang Shu'an expressed his gratitude to the OCA for its strong support and guidance during the Committee's preparations for the Games. "The preparation work for the Hangzhou Asian Games has earnestly followed the guidelines of 'streamlined, safe and splendid' to deliver important phased results. The Chinese Olympic Committee believes that, the Hangzhou Asian Games would present a spectacular sports and cultural event featured by 'Chinese Style, Zhejiang Glamour, Hangzhou Flavor' to leave the lasting memories for the whole world. The Chinese Olympic Committee will make great efforts to support the preparations of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee and create the best conditions for athletes from all over the world to give a high-level performance," said Yang.

In his speech, Yao Gaoyuan warmly welcomed all of the distinguished guests in attendance. Said Yao: "Since the Hangzhou Asian Games was prepared, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, with the vigorous support of the Olympic Council of Asia and General Administration of Sport of China, we have followed the concept of 'Green, Smart, Economical and Ethical', actively adapted to two new changes including event postponement and opening-up, and advanced preparations in a high-quality and efficient manner. At present, hardware construction is substantially completed, the software layout is basically in place, and the conditions for hosting the event are fundamentally ready."

Yao added: "Hangzhou has the strength to host a professional and successful Asian Games, with first-class venue facilities, specialized event organization and considerate service support, to greet athletes, technical officials and media reporters from around Asia, as well as tens of thousands of spectators at home and abroad, so that the Olympic motto of 'Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together' shines in Zhejiang. Hangzhou has the confidence to write a wonderful story of the Asian Games, carefully polish the Opening & Closing Ceremonies and torch relay plans, integrate magnificent era scenarios, show unique oriental charm, convey the distinctive pursuit of values, and strive to create more unforgettable moments at the Asian Games. Hangzhou has the ability to build the Asian Games city for public sharing, and realise the goal of 'Asian Games for a Better City'.  We will take the security into consideration while holding the Games, greatly boost the construction of infrastructure and the promotion of environmental quality, build up the atmosphere of the Games, and ensure people enjoy the benefits brought by the event."

"We sincerely hope that, our friends from all walks of life, at home and abroad, can gather in Hangzhou soon and enjoy the passion, joy, spirit and other benefits of the Asian Games together with us. This will be a peaceful, friendly and successful sporting gala," said Yao.

During the meeting, staff from various HAGOC departments and Games operations teams, also presented special reports on Games-related topics.

The 5th Coordination Committee Meeting for the Hangzhou Asian Games was held on 16 March.

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