How does Asian Games Village brace for sporting gala

2023/03/20 17:49

Asian Games Village: lovely home of Asian Games

On the morning of March 18, the Asian Games Village Mobilization Meeting was held in Hangzhou.

At the meeting, the appointment document of the department director of the Asian Games Village Operation & Management Centre was read out. The representatives of the department directors of the Asian Games Village Operation & Management Centre and the operation service providers made statements. The Flag Awarding Ceremony of the Party Member Vanguard was also launched.

"The preparations for Hangzhou Asian Games have entered the full sprint stage. The teams and relevant personnel participating in the service support of the Asian Games Village would like to build the Hospitable Home of the Asian Games, " said Li Huolin, the director of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress and the commander of the Asian Games Village Operation & Management Centre.

How about catering service in the Asian Games Village?

Hu Chuangang, the vice director of Hangzhou Asian Games Village Catering Service Centre, revealed the following information.

In the Athletes Village, the restaurant covers an area of about 8,400 m2 with 4,200 seats.

The restaurant has four areas, such as Beverage Area, Cold and Room Temperature Food Area, Hot Food Area, and Open Cooking Area.

Among them, the Hot Food Area can offer five cuisines, like Chinese Cuisine highlighting the characteristics of Hangzhou Cuisine, East Asian Cuisine, South Asian and Sub-continental Cuisine, Arabic and Mideast Cuisine, and European Cuisine.

During the event, it is estimated to provide the catering services for nearly 11,000 athletes and accompanying officials.

How are the volunteers getting ready?

During the Asian Games, Zhejiang International Studies University will provide the volunteer service for the Asian Games Village. How are the students getting ready?

"At present, the university has set up the Asian Games Village pre-recruited volunteers and leading teachers management team composed of about 800 people," said Qiu Ping, the secretary of the Youth League Committee of Zhejiang International Studies University and the vice director of Hangzhou Asian Games Village Personnel Service & Volunteer Management Centre.

"Next, the university will give full play to its discipline advantages, strengthen the students' multilingual and cross-cultural communication skills to better exchange with international friends, and ensure the services of the Asian Games."

Asian Games Village has achieved the continuous coverage of 5G signals

Shen Wenqiang, the general manager of China Telecom Hangzhou Branch, said: "Hangzhou Telecom has established the cooperation relationship with Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee and Asian Games Village Operation Team to build five networks such as AGIS private network and internet Wi-Fi and cover gigabit optical network and 5G wireless network so as to create 'Smart Asian Games Village'." 

Nearly 100 wireless base stations have been set up in the Asian Games Village, to achieve the continuous coverage of 5G signals in the Asian Games Village to ensure that tens of thousands of people can simultaneously use the 5G network to send and receive videos, pictures and video calls.

Now, the "software and hardware" in the Asian Games Villages are continuously undergoing iterative upgrade. After the event, the Asian Games Village will be featured by "healthy sports, talent housing and smart life", and will be upgraded to a future community model.

On the morning of March 18, the Asian Games Village Mobilization Meeting was held in Hangzhou.

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