1st archery league open to public at Hangzhou Asian Games archery venue

2023/03/14 16:41

On March 10-12, Hangzhou Archery League 2023 was held in Fuyang Yinhu Sports Centre and attracted 278 archery enthusiasts of 25 teams in Hangzhou. This was the event with the largest number of athletes in the history.

Fuyang Yinhu Sports Centre is the competition venue for the shooting & archery and modern pentathlon events of Hangzhou Asian Games, and the competition venue for the shooting & archery events of Hangzhou Asian Para Games. This is the first time for the venue to hold the official archery competition for the public.

In addition to the high-standard arena, there are national judges on the site. Yang Ming, the national archery judge who used to act as the judge of the Archery World Cup, and the vice chairman of Zhejiang Archery Association, praised Hangzhou Archery League for its excellent performance in all aspects. He said: "Hangzhou Archery is getting better and better, with more and more extensive forms. It has played a good leading role in the promotion of archery, and is worthy of popularization and learning all over the country."

Yan Zhicheng, the competition leader of the venue operation team, introduced: "The competition provides archery enthusiasts with a rare opportunity to enter the Asian Games venues and feel the atmosphere of the Asian Games, and offers the chance on practical operation drills to the volunteer team, so as to make full preparations for the National Archery Tournament to be launched in April, Hangzhou Asian Games and Hangzhou Asian Para Games."

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