Jinhua upgrades the football pitch of Hangzhou Asian Games

2023/02/26 20:28

Jinhua Sports Centre Stadium is the competition venue for the football event of Hangzhou Asian Games. During these two days, the lawn of the football pitch is being upgraded to prepare for the football match of the Asian Games.

Players were participating in the football match of the Games of Zhejiang Province at Jinhua Sports Centre Stadium.

The repaved grass seed is the most common high-quality variety in the world, which meets the standard for hosting international events. The working personnel have leveled the ground by means of GPS positioning technology. Such technology can prevent the water accumulation on the lawn in rainy reasons.

After the completion of pavement, the lawn is also equipped with a specialized automatic maintenance system. This system uses the scientific and technical means to achieve "intelligent grass cultivation", ensure the beauty and practicality of the lawn, and reflect the concept of Smart Asian Games.

In addition, Jinhua Sports Centre has carried out the technical upgrading and renovation for the power monitoring system of the stadium and gymnasium as two competition venues of the Asian Games. After the reconstruction, the working personnel can conduct the remote monitoring for the power supply unit to understand and grasp the operation of power distribution rooms as soon as possible. By analyzing the load, they can further implement energy conservation and consumption reduction to promote Green Asian Games.

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