Mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games join students to return to schools

2023/02/07 17:54

The primary and middle school students in Hangzhou successively returned to schools as the new semester began on February 6. On the first day of the school, all schools in Hangzhou stimulated students and teachers' passion for the Asian Games in a unique way to make them get closer to know more about Asian Games. 

Qianjiang CBD Experimental Primary School ushered in new "students"- Congcong, Chenchen and Lianlian, mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games. The mascots participated in the activities held by the school for the new semester and cheered for the students playing tug-of-war. Next, the school would launch "Asian Games Week" to make students know and love Hangzhou more and arouse their passion for Hangzhou Asian Games as the little hosts of the event.

Zijingang Campus of Xuejun Primary School presented a wonderful Asian Games Exhibition to make students learn the history of the Asian Games. Tianchang Primary School organized the Asian Games related charity bazaar. All the earnings will be used to realize the Asian Game dream for the representative students of the pairing schools, and such students will have the opportunity to watch the Asian Games events at the competition venues. 

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