The National Canoe Sprint Championships kicked off in Wenzhou

2022/11/03 16:54

On November 1, the National Canoe Sprint Championships 2022 kicked off in Wenzhou Dragon Boat Centre. Nearly 600 canoeists of 21 representative teams from all provincial and municipal sports colleges and universities across the country competed in the four-day event.

Canoeing was originated in North America, and was listed as an official Olympic event in the Olympic Games Berlin 1936, divided into two disciplines including canoe sprint and canoe slalom. Canoe sprint is a competition in the calm waterway. Athletes can pass through the clearly-marked and accessible channel within the shortest possible time.

The National Championships is held in Wenzhou for the first time to test the operation and management capacity of Wenzhou Asian Games Venue, which is conducive to the self-development and external exchange of competitive sports in Wenzhou, so as to promote the popularization and publicity of Wenzhou Water Sports.

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