Mascots of the Asian Games are embroidered by the post-90s enthusiasts

2022/10/14 12:26

As the national intangible cultural heritage, Ou Embroidery used to be flourishing in Wenzhou. Recently, the post-90s enthusiasts of Ou Embroidery in Ruian of Wenzhou made Ou Embroidery Version of "Memories of Jiangnan" as the mascot of Hangzhou Asian Games to greet Hangzhou Asian Games in a unique way.

They crocheted the mascot of the Asian Games in Ou Embroidery Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. The three ancient bridge holes on the forehead of Mascot "Chenchen", a smile on the face, mechanical sense of the body, and other elements are displayed vividly. The pattern of the works can be in the form of combination or single presentation. They began to select and copy the picture in early September, and Zhang Jun was a person in charge.

Zhang Jun said that, Ou Embroidery was the cultural card of Wenzhou, and they would like to cheer for athletes by making these works with the elements of the Asian Games, and avail this opportunity to better popularize Ou Embroidery as the intangible cultural heritage, so that the culture can be inherited and innovated.

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