The light show of Gongshu Canal Sports Park won the national first prize

2022/09/30 16:04

Recently, China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES) announced the 17th CIES Lighting Award List, and Gongshu Canal Sports Park Night Scene Lighting Project won the first prize of the Engineering Design Award.


Located in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Gongshu Canal Sports Park is one of newly-built venue clusters for the Asian Games, and the first comprehensive urban sport park of Zhejiang that integrates the gymnasium, sports field, park and commercial supporting facilities.


The lighting design of the building cluster is based on "water" and "shore", with yellow of canal water waves as the main keynote, supplemented by glowing red, laurus yellow, glimmering blue and lake & mountain green in the colour system of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.


As time goes on, the huge roof nicknamed as "Hangzhou Umbrella" in the stadium changes among different colours. The whole building looks like an oiled paper umbrella that is held by Jiangnan girl with hands, staying quietly in a corner of the park.


In addition, the park adopts the "smart street lamps" with an integration of lighting, large screen system, WiFi system, 5G system and environmental sensor, which effectively solves problems such as light pollution, and facilitates citizens to visit the venue in the wonderful night scene.

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