An Asian Games Couple riding the wind and waves in Xiangshan

2022/09/23 16:07

Although Hangzhou Asian Games has been postponed, as one of co-host cities, the atmosphere of greeting the Asian Games in Ningbo is still full of passion.

Ying Haisong and Lin Feifei who are husband and wife are dedicated to promoting the preparation work of the Asian Games when boosting the popularization of sailing. Under the impetus of this couple, Xiangshan launches the activity of "sailing entering the campus". This year, they will walk into Xiangshan Damu Bay School, Damu Bay Kindergarten and Linhai School to teach sailing knowledge. In September, Lin Feifei planned "Rushing to the Mountain & Sea for the Future" Xiangshan County Youth Sailing Invitational Tournament 2022 themed by "Greeting the Asian Games", which attracted nearly 100 young sailing enthusiasts of six sailing teams from Ningbo. They hoped that, with the Asian Games as an opportunity, sailing would have a closer relationship with Xiangshan, making Xiangshan become a veritable "City of Sailing".

Zhejiang Daily contributes to this stroy. 

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