As a competition venue and a park, the Asian Games Skateboard Park passed the acceptance

2022/05/08 17:55

On May 5, the Asian Games Skateboard Park passed the event function acceptance.

The park is located in Hangzhou East Bay Headquarters Base. It covers a land area of 5,661 square metres, with a total construction area of about 878 square metres, divided into bowl & street venues. There are 862 seats on the stand.


In the Asian Games Skateboard Park, the street & bowl venues are adjacent.

The skateboard street venue has various props, such as kicker, stair, liftable & lowerable handrail, and slide bar, suitable for skaters at different levels.


Skateboard Bowl Venue contains round volcanic vent, spine, etc., able to provide abundant sliding routes.

The venue is up to 3 m deep at most, which will bring greater challenges to skaters and improve the viewing experience of the event.


The completed venue may hold the major international events. It will also be open to the public and launch the youth skateboard training & education to realize the all-round and sustainable use of venue resources. That is to say, in addition to meeting the needs of competitions, the Asian Games Skateboard Park will also build a green & ecological park with an integration of training, competition, scientific research, international exchange and leisure sport, becoming a good place for leisure sport in Hangzhou. (Reporter: Wu Yuxiang; Photo by Tong Zhizhong)

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