Athletics Champion Liu Cuiqing and Running Guide Xu Donglin are comrades-in-arms, just like brother and sister

2022/05/06 16:52

In Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin completed the torch relay as the fifth torchbearer at the Opening Ceremony. They have worked together for more than 8 years and won 57 medals (including 45 gold medals) for China.


Xu Donglin first met Liu Cuiqing in the competition of Hangzhou Para Games 2011. It was the first time that he had led the blind athletes to participate in the competition as the running guide. Liu Cuiqing was his opponent at that time. In 2013, they became the partners. The biggest obstacle for their first partnership was their unfamiliarity. At the beginning, Xu Donglin was very enthusiastic and Liu Cuiqing was more introverted and not very talkative. After a period of time for mutual efforts, they got along well.

With eight years of partnership, Xu Donglin and Liu Cuiqing have many memories in common. Rio Paralympic Games 2016 was the most impressive event for them. In the last race of 400 meters, Xu Donglin was accidentally injured. When the body and mind were the most exhausted, the running guide was injured, which was very unfavorable for them. The ability to continue playing depended on the mutual faith and trust. Liu Cuiqing said to Xu Donglin, "As long as you are my eyes, I will do my best to run with you." After the game, Xu Donglin fell to the ground due to his serious injury. After taking a break, he helped Liu Cuiqing and told her the good news of winning the champion.



Talking about their relationship, Liu Cuiqing said that, they were brother and sister, just like twins. They standing together had the tacit understanding, with no need of verbal cues. Xu Donglin said that, they were comrades-in-arms in the competition, and also brother and sister in life. With many years of partnership, they were not just relatives.


They had no specific plans for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games and Paris Olympic Games. Xu Donglin and Liu Cuiqing said: "If the physical injury is improved after treatment, it is their common wish to participate in Hangzhou Asian Games." Xu Donglin stated that, although they won many medals, they have not yet attended the ceremony of raising the national flag and playing the national anthem in China, so they hope, they can continue to run and fulfill their common commitment and dream.

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