Yongjia county ready for 2022 Asian Games in 100 days

2022/04/27 11:45

Excavators are dredging the creeks of Xiarichuan village of Yongjia County

Over the past few days, Yongjia has been promoting the 100-day crucial period plan of "preparing for Asian Games and enhancing the environment of the tourist route" to create the high-quality exquisite scenic areas along the Nanxi River. Several measures are taken, such as constructing tourism-related projects, enriching the Nanxi River key tourism formats, and improving the infrastructure and services, so as to present the characteristics of Yongjia and iconic landmarks for recognition of the Nanxi River.

It is learned that in order to accelerate the creation of the Nanxi River as a major attraction, promote the development of all-for-one tourism industry, learning from Yangshuo, Wuzhen, and other areas of tourism with mature conditions, combining with the county's tourism industry dual pilot of "micro-transformation and refined enhancement", and adhering to the principle of "richer industry, more sophisticated facilities, more exquisite environment, and more refined services", great efforts are made to create high-quality and distinctive tourist routes in Fenglin area of Yantou village. The local authorities have summarized 182 sub-projects for the present stage by making a list of projects, and divide them into A, B, and C levels according to the priority tasks, among which there are 123 A-level (top-priority construction) projects. These tourism routes cover Lishui Street, Xiarichuan, Furong, Cangpo in Yantui Town, Huolu, Jiangfeng (Zhaotan) village in Fenglin Town, and the bamboo rafting line of Nanxi River.

The "prosperity of tourism" project focuses on promoting the construction of the Nanxi River Rocktown Music Festival. It will accelerate the implementation of the Nanxi River music industry base as sub-projects, the completion of the first phase of the Shiziyan music family and other projects, and also promote the construction of the music industry base projects such as Linjiangxiaozhuang, Furongshanzhuang reconstruction and upgrading, continuing to enhance the Nanxi River as the "four major music festivals and two art camp activities". It also tries to create a number of night tour projects for establishing a model of the future countryside and incubating characteristic tourism with children-friendly programs.

The "environment improvement" project is to create several beautiful villages by strengthening the environment management of major tourism areas. It will implement the environment renovation by cleaning, greening, and beautifying the roads and reshaping the forest to present the beauty of the Nanxi River with flowers lasting three seasons and trees lasting for four seasons respectively. The environmental renovation began in early March and is scheduled to be completed by June 10th. The local authorities will encourage the villagers to participate the "monthly village appearance evaluation", which will bulletin the "dirtiest village" and the "most beautiful village" to establish a competitive mechanism for promotion.

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