The volunteers for Huzhou Competition Zone accepted the first training

2022/04/14 18:12

Recently, Hangzhou Asian Games "Little Green Lotus" Training Launching & Opening Ceremony of Zhejiang University of Technology 2022 was held officially. About 700 volunteers from Huzhou Competition Zone of the Asian Games participated in this activity online and offline.

According to the introduction, the Global Recruitment Launching Activity for Volunteers of Hangzhou Asian Games was held in May last year, recruiting about 52,000 competition volunteers. They were distributed in Hangzhou and five co-host cities, to provide the opening & closing ceremonies and various competitions & activities with 13 categories of volunteer services, such as competition operation service, concierge and language service, spectator service, media operation service, logistical support service and transport service.

Ma Yihong in charge of the Practice Office of the Communist Youth League Committee of Moganshan Campus of Zhejiang University of Technology, said: "Moganshan Campus of Zhejiang University of Technology is located in Deqing, Huzhou, and the pre-recruited volunteers of Huzhou Competition Zone of the Asian Games are mainly from our campus."

On the same day, the first general training course was launched. The teacher introduced the responsibility and code of conduct of the volunteers for the Asian Games, and put forward the requirements on post service abilities, to enhance the volunteer service awareness. The excellent volunteers of Beijing Olympic Winter Games were presented in the form of "Cloud Video", sharing their own volunteer experience.

The volunteer service overview courses for Hangzhou Asian Games and competitions include volunteers' psychological health, etiquette standard, work discipline, service skills, emergency response, help for impaired people, etc. The competition volunteers will also participate in the training on the general knowledge of the Asian Games, such as knowledge of Asian Games, competition, Hangzhou culture, pandemic prevention, and first-aid.

After middle April, volunteers from Moganshan Campus of Zhejiang University of Technology will enter the venues for the Asian Games to participate in the on-site training. 

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