Announcing the China Mobile Cup English Star Contest for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

2021/05/20 16:00

The China Mobile Cup English Star Contest has been created with the aim of building a great atmosphere ahead of the Asian Games, sharing the Olympic Spirit, and increasing awareness of the event. The contest will help boost the international image of Hangzhou as the host city while providing a great opportunity for recruiting Games volunteers. Details of this competition are as follows:

1.Contest Slogan

Together, we achieve more!

2.Management Structure

Lead Organisations:

Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)

The Chinese Olympic Committee (COC)

Contest Hosts:

The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

China Daily

China Mobile

Contest Co-hosts:

Foreign Affairs Office of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government

Foreign Affairs Office of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government

The Organising Committee of the China Mobile Cup English Star Contest for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the organising committee) will be responsible for managing, staging, and other matters related to, this competition.

3.Competition Period

May 2021 - October 2021

4.Contestant Eligibility

Higher Education Group

Full-time tertiary students of Chinese nationality (including undergraduates, masters and PhDs) from state-approved institutions that are studying for, or have attained, a higher education qualification, can sign up, regardless of age or major.

Public Group:

Chinese citizens who are over 18 years old (born before 1 May 2003). Please note that entrants who register in the higher education group are not eligible for this group.

International Group:

Non-Chinese nationals over 18 years old (born before 1 May 1 2003), with no restrictions on education level or occupation.

5.Speech Topic

Eligible contestants will be asked to speak on the following topic:

Life Shines on Life

The topic is open to interpretation, so this is your chance to show your creativity and passion!

6.How to enter and upload videos

6.1 All groups must register through one of the online portals.

(1)6.1.1 Official QR Code


Registration for the competition via QR code. Scan the official QR code for the competition, fill in the registration form and upload your video accordingly.

(2)6.1.2 Official Competition Website:

Log on to the official website for the English Star Contest at, fill in the registration information and upload your video accordingly.

6.2 Video Length & Format:

The self-introduction should be no longer than 30 seconds while the speech on our competition topic: Life Shines on Life, which needs to be in English, should be no more than 90 seconds.

Video requirements:

minimum resolution: 1280*720 pixels

video format: mp4 or mov

maximum file size: 100MB

7.Contest Structure & Awards

7.1 Auditions:

Anyone who is eligible is welcome to enter. In the audition round, 4,000 entrants that make an impression on our judges will be selected and advance to the next round. Every entrant who auditions will receive an electronic certificate as a record of their participation.

7.2 Qualifying Round:

In the qualifying round, 400 outstanding contestants will be selected and advance to the final.

The remaining contestants will receive an award, based on their individual scores. The top 20% will be awarded a qualifying round first prize, the next 30%, a second prize and the remaining 50% will receive a third prize. In addition, each will receive an electronic certificate confirming their achievement.

7.3 National Final

One winner, one runner-up and one second runner-up will be chosen in each group and each will be awarded a winner’s certificate and a trophy, while the winner in each group will be given the title of "Asian Games English Star".

The remaining finalists will be awarded final round first, second or third prizes, based on their individual scores. The distribution of these prize will be to the top 20%, the next 30% and remaining 50% of finalists, respectively. Each finalist will also receive a certificate according to this ranking.

8.Contest Timeline

8.1 Auditions (May 2021 – August 2021):

The launch ceremony is scheduled on 20 May when all the detailed information would be released as well. The deadline for submission is by midnight, 15 July.

Applicants should login to the official website, record and upload a video on the given topic to the official website. The presentations of contestants will be assessed and based on their score and ranking, those qualified contestants will advance to the qualifying round.

8.2 Qualifying Round (September 2021):

8.2.1 Higher Education Group:

Higher Education Group contestants in the following provinces and cities (Beijing, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, and Shaanxi) who have made it to the qualifying round will take part in this stage at designated local universities. A total of 40 universities are confirmed to be holding on-site competitions.

Qualifying round contestants will be asked to: deliver a speech in English (3 minutes) and take part in a Q&A session (2 minutes). Contestants outside the above provinces and cities will compete online and be abiding by the same contest requirements.

8.2.2 Public Group and International Group:

Contestants in these groups will compete online following the same contest requirements, i.e. a speech in English (3 minutes) and a Q&A session (2 minutes).

8.3 National Final and Awards Ceremony (October 2021):

The national final will be held at the Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Centre.

Requirements for the final include but are not limited to a:

Speech in English on an Asian Games theme (3 minutes)

Q&A session (1.5 minutes)

Role play on an Asian Games scenario in English (2 minutes)

English talent presentation (1 minute)

9.Competition follow-up:

9.1 Outstanding contestants, who first fulfill basic requirements to be an Asian Games volunteer, will be given priority when recruiting for Asian Games volunteers takes place. This will also apply to the Asian Para Games.

9.2 The winner, runner-up and second runner-up in each group in the national finals will have the opportunity to advance to the national semi-finals of the "21st Century Cup" English Speech Contest held in 2022.

9.3 Outstanding contestants will also have the opportunity to have themselves and their entries covered by national media organisations.

10. Conditions of Entry

10.1 Contestant Integrity: Contestants should ensure that their personal information is true and accurate. All submissions must be original and multiple registrations by the same person are not permitted.

10.2 Any contestant or contestant submission that is found to be plagiarised or otherwise improper will be disqualified from participating, by the organising committee.

10.3 Contestant registration will take effect after being reviewed and approved. From the date registration is confirmed, entrants must abide by the contest rules and arrangements made, or be disqualified from participating.

10.4 Notification: Contestants who qualify for a stage of the contest will be notified of their participation, by the organiser of the contest in that location, via a registration system message, SMS, e-mail or by phone. Contestants may also find information on the winners in each stage on the official contest website (

10.5 Differences due to Region: Due to the different regions where contestants may be located, each region will be responsible for determining the location and specific content of the competition in that area.

10.6 Copyright: All speeches, photos, speech recordings and videos received from or that are of, contestants throughout the competition will become the property of the contest organisers. The organisers retain the right to publish, edit or otherwise use any of the submitted entries and related materials for publicity or promotional purposes, without charge. When promoting in public, competition organisers reserve the right to use any portraits, photos, performance images, event highlights, other images, audio materials and other materials generated during the selection process.

10.7 Interpretation: The organisers retain the right of final interpretation of all matters related to this contest.

10.8 Information Hotline: If you have any questions regarding the contest, you are welcome to contact (010) 64996403.


The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

20 May 2021

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