4th Asian Para Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee[No.2, 2020]

2020/12/15 17:34

Sponsorship Programme

To expand the reach of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games and in order to market the event to international standards, the Hangzhou Asian Para Games Organising Committee (HAPGOC) is launching a programme to seek agents to secure overseas sponsorships for the event.

1. Programme Overview

1.1 About Seeking Out Overseas Sponsorships

The agents appointed to secure overseas sponsorships for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games (hereinafter referred to as "the agents") will be openly selected by HAPGOC as per HAPGOC's standard procedures. As authorised operators, agents will assist the committee in seeking out and securing overseas sponsorships for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, in return for the associated rights and benefits due to appointees.

The overseas sponsors signed up by the agents should meet the following basic requirements:

1.1.1 The sponsors should be overseas brands — those that are both registered and have their headquarters abroad.

1.1.2 The sponsors will, for the most part, be sought out as Official Non-exclusive Suppliers for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

1.1.3 Overseas sponsorships secured by the agents should predominantly be in the form of cash.

1.2 Process

1.2.1 Confirmation of the agents. HAPGOC shall assess and determine the agents through open solicitation.

1.2.2 Confirmation of sponsorship categories. In keeping with the planned preparations for the Games as well as the sponsorship categories proposed by marketing agents, HAPGOC shall assess and determine the categories and the agents that will carry out related marketing activities in them.

1.2.3 Marketing time frame. Agents that have signed agreements with HAPGOC will be required to secure overseas sponsorships within a stipulated time (in principle no later than three months from the date of signing).

1.2.4 Sponsor assessment. HAPGOC will assess the sponsors secured by the agents and confirm the list of sponsor companies.

1.2.5 Announcement of sponsors. HAPGOC will negotiate with sponsors who have made the sponsors list and sign sponsorship agreements with them. The sponsors will then be announced to the public.

2. Selection of the Agents

2.1 Basic requirements

2.1.1 Scale. Interested agents should be robust in scale and sufficiently competent.

2.1.2 Experience. Agents should have relevant experience marketing large-scale activities or sports events.

2.1.3 Resources. Agents should have abundant resources overseas to call upon.

2.1.4 Reputation. Agents should work to high standards and be without any history of illegal, unprofessional or dishonest activity.

2.1.5 No geographic restrictions will be placed on the agents engaged to carry out this activity.

2.2 Selection Process

2.2.1 HAPGOC to announce locally and to overseas agents its intention to engage agencies to seek out and secure overseas sponsorships.

2.2.2 HAPGOC will select three to five agents to be responsible for overseas sponsorships, depending on the firms that register.

2.2.3 If there are no issues with the enterprises that have been selected, HAPGOC will authorise these firms to act as agents and sign agreements with them.

2.3 Rights and Obligations

2.3.1 Principle rights:

a. The agents will, on behalf of HAPGOC, negotiate with enterprises that have expressed an intention to provide sponsorship that is within the category, time frame and scope of responsibilities that are applicable to the sponsorship, as authorised by HAPGOC.

b. For a successfully secured sponsorship, HAPGOC shall pay to the agent a corresponding commission in accordance with the payment schedule and designated proportion of the sponsorship fee, after the completed signing of the Sponsorship Agreement.

2.3.2 Principal obligations

Agents shall

a. Review and submit the sponsorship categories that they intend to seek out sponsorships for. HAPGOC will assess and develop the categories and then finalise each specific category.

b. Negotiate with enterprises with the aim of securing sponsorship and be responsible for coordinating the signing of sponsorship agreements.

c. Ensure that these overseas sponsors enjoy the rights and benefits due to them.

2.4 Submission of Letter of Intent

The search for agents to handle overseas sponsorships for the 4th Asian Para Games will be deemed to have been launched on the date of the official announcement. Any legal person or organisation that intends to take part in this marketing programme should download, complete and return the Letter of Intent via e-mail to marketing@hangzhou2022.cn before 17:00 on <5th.Jan. > 2021 (Beijing time). Applications should include a scanned copy of the company's official business registration. Supporting documents and materials that confirm the company's agency experience and experience in attracting investment should be also attached. After sending the email, please contact the Marketing Department of the Organising Committee to confirm that it has been received. Materials submitted via other means eg. by mail or submitted late will not be accepted.

Contact: Ye Mengheng or Chen Shang

Contact No.s: 0571-85253525 / 85253529 (local call)

+86 (571) 85253525 / 85253529 (overseas call)

E-mail: marketing@hangzhou2022.cn 

Address: Building B, Kunlun Centre, 150 Fuchun Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou 310016, Zhejiang

3. Rights Reserved

HAPGOC reserves the right to makes revisions, add supplementary content regarding agent responsibilities or sponsorship and marketing, or change the sponsor categories according to marketing need for the Games. HAPGOC also reserves the right to release additional explanatory information regarding sponsorships, if and when required. The rights and obligations between confirmed enterprises and HAPGOC in relation to this programme will be subject to the formal agreement to be signed by both parties.

Attachment: Letter of Intent

The 4th Asian Para Games Hangzhou 2022 Organising Committee

15th. Dec. 2020

Attachment: Letter of Intent

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