Ningbo village seeks new way for marine conservation

2023/08/04 16:37

Xifeng village, a fishing village in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has figured out innovative ways to protect the marine environment.

The village launched an environmental protection project, entitled "Xihai Cabinet", in May. The facility, which was made using unused shipping containers, was located at the seaside. It includes two storage cabinets - a marine wastes sorting machine and a waste oil storage machine. Using the facility and a digital platform, marine wastes can be collected, transported, and recycled.

According to the Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co Ltd, operator of the project, owners of fishing boats can place recycling orders through their mobiles. After receiving the order, the company will send a boat to transport waste, such as waste oil, and unused fishing tools, from the fishing boat to the "Xihai Cabinet".  

After sorting and cleaning, the plastic waste will be sent to a factory where they will be processed into pellets and then be made into new products, such as backpacks and pencil cases.

Villagers can also earn carbon points by donating waste to the facility. The points can be used to redeem cultural products, drinks, and food. 

Since the launch of the "Xihai Cabinet", the company has collected more than 200 tons of marine waste.

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