Ningbo Half Marathon to kick off in April

2023/03/12 11:27

According to the source, themed by the most beautiful track & featured event of Chinese marathon, 2023 Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) Half Marathon will kick off in Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang on April 22.

The event involves half marathon (21.0975 km), short marathon (11.7 km) and mini marathon (3.7 km), with a total scale of 10,000 people.


The most beautiful track of Jiulong Lake is the biggest highlight of the marathon. On both sides of the track, there are dense mountain forests and pleasant lake scenery, so this is assessed as the "natural ecological featured event" by Chinese Athletics Association.


Moreover, the event insists on the theme of "health, kindness and environmental protection". Half of registration fees for contestants will be remitted to Jiulong Lake Marathon LoveRun Funds, and will be used to support students from families with financial difficulties in Zhejiang who are unable or difficult to pay the study and living expenses on school days.

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