Take a driverless bus to watch Asian Games in Deqing, Huzhou

2023/07/17 16:23

There is a fixed driverless bus route in Deqing, Huzhou that will take passengers to the Deqing Sports Centre Gymnasium, the venue for the volleyball event in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games. The buses operating on this circular route are autonomous shuttle buses built on 5G technology.

The buses are 6.5 metres long, with a seating capacity of 11 and a maximum passenger capacity of 30 people. They are electric-powered and can reach a maximum speed of over 50 kilometres per hour.

Equipped with various autonomous driving perception devices such as lidar, millimetre-wave radar, and vision cameras, the vehicles can accurately perceive the surrounding environment and identify road conditions, vehicles, pedestrians, non-motorised vehicles, obstacles, and traffic lights.

The bus route is a demonstration loop that stretches 10 kilometres and includes a total of nine stops. The buses shuttle back and forth between the Deqing Sports Centre Gymnasium and the Deqing Geographic Information Town Basketball Court, both of which are Asian Games competition venues.

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