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Diving is divided into springboard diving and platform diving.

During the competition, when an athlete jumps from a board that is fixed at one end and elastic at the other and then completes the diving, it is called springboard diving; when an athlete jumps from a straight and solid platform to complete the diving, it is called platform diving.

Platform diving is divided into 6 categories: forward, backward, reverse, inward, twisting and armstand, while springboard diving only features the first 5 categories.

In the single diving, the referees score according to the athlete's approach (i.e., forward steps on the springboard or the platform), hurdle/takeoff, aerial movements and entry, and the athlete with the highest score wins the competition.

In synchronised diving, the referees score the two athletes according to how well they perform their respective movements and how well they are synchronised, and the team with the highest score wins the competition.

The diving of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena from September 30 to October 4, where the athletes will compete for 10 gold medals.


VenueHangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena
30/9/2023 SaturdayDIV0117:30-18:00WSynchronised 10m PlatformFinal
19:30-20:15MSynchronised 3m SpringboardFinal
1/10/2023 SundayDIV0217:30-18:00WSynchronised 3m SpringboardFinal
19:30-20:10MSynchronised 10m PlatformFinal
2/10/2023 MondayDIV0316:00-17:10W1m SpringboardFinal
19:00-20:45M1m SpringboardFinal
3/10/2023 TuesdayDIV0410:00-10:45W10m PlatformPreliminary
13:00-14:40M3m SpringboardPreliminary
DIV0517:30-18:20W10m PlatformFinal
19:30-20:50M3m SpringboardFinal
4/10/2023 WednesdayDIV0610:00-10:50W3m SpringboardPreliminary
13:00-14:20M10m PlatformPreliminary
DIV0717:30-18:25W3m SpringboardFinal
19:30-20:50M10m PlatformFinal
Note: The competition schedule is subject to change in accordance with the competition procedures and broadcasting circumstances.

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