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Skateboarding evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Skateboarding made its debut as an official sport program at the 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018. It also became an official sport at the 32nd Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. It is an extreme sport. Different from traditional sports, there is no fixed action pattern in it. It requires skaters to freely use their imagination and creativity, which is challenging and highly interesting. The skateboard is a short and narrow board (about 80cm long and 20cm wide) with both ends warped and two small wheels on the front and back under the board. A skater can perform a series of technical actions by stepping on the skateboard, including jumping, flipping and horizontal rotation. He can also use props to perform actions such as board sliding and bracket grinding, or any combination of various actions. The referee will score the contestants according to the difficulty level, success rate, height, speed, originality, composition and personal style of the moves, and then rank the contestants.

Skateboard competitions are generally divided into two types: park skateboarding and street skateboarding. The former competition, also known as competition in the park, is performed on a "bowl-shaped" hollowed-out track with a series of complex curves surrounded by rounded bowl walls of varying heights and slopes. In the competition, the players set their own routes, make full use of the height difference of the bowl wall for acceleration, complete amazing aerial actions, and can also perform a series of balance actions on the edge of the bowl. 

The latter competition, also called competition in the block, is performed on a "street-shaped" track with stairs, handrails, benches, ramps, arcs and so on. Each player is free to arrange his own competition route, and can show a series of technical moves by taking advantage of each part of the field.

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