Cycling BMX

2022/04/10 14:06

The track consists of many obstacles and three turns, and must be of a compact, closed looped design, forming a circuit whose length measured along its center line is not less than 300m or greater than 400m. The track must be a minimum of 10m wide at its start and may not taper to a width of less than 5m at any point along its course. Riders registered to compete in an event with a rim size of the wheel shall be 20 inches in a special BMX track.

The race shall be three rounds: preliminary, qualifying and finals. The transferring of riders to the qualifying rounds shall be according to the listed order. Each preliminary shall have three stages. There shall be sixteenth, eighth, quarter according to the number of the riders. The first four riders of each group after the semifinals shall transfer to the finals and compete from the first place to the eighth place.

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