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Shooting is the act or process of firing rifles, shotguns or other projectile weapons such as bows or crossbows.

Marksmanship has inspired competition by hitting targets and testing accuracy. International shooting events then evolved and many variations of the sport emerged.

Shooting was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1954.

The rifle, pistol, and shotgun of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in Fuyang Yinhu Sports Centre from September 24 to October 1, and the athletes will compete for 33 gold medals.


VenueFuyang Yinhu Sports Centre.
24/9/2023 SundaySHO 0108:30-09:45WAir Rifle          (Individual & Team)Qualification
11:45-12:25Air Rifle          (Individual)Final
Rapid Fire Pistol          (Individual & Team)Qualification (Stage 1)
25/9/2023 MondaySHO 0209:00-15:00M10m Running Target (Individual & Team)Qualification
09:00-10:15MAir Rifle          (Individual & Team)Qualification
11:30-12:15Air Rifle          (Individual)Final
09:00-12:00MRapidFire Pistol (Individual & Team)Qualification (Stage 2)
14:00–15:00Rapid Fire Pistol (Individual)Final
26/9/2023 TuesdaySHO 0309:00-15:00M10m Running Target Mixed (Individual & Team)Qualification
09:00–09:30M/WAir Rifle (Mixed Team)Qualification
10:45-11:10Air Rifle (Mixed Team)Bronze Medal Match 1
11:10-11:35Air Rifle (Mixed Team)Bronze Medal Match 2
11:35-12:00Air Rifle (Mixed Team)Gold Medal Match
09:00–12:00W25m Pistol (Individual & Team)Qualification (Precision Stage)
SHO 0409:00-14:30M/WSkeet-75 (Individual & Team)Qualification (Stage 1)
27/9/2023 WednesdaySHO 0509:00-10:30WRifle 3 Positions (Individual & Team)Qualification
12:00-13:00Rifle 3 Positions (Individual)Final
09:00–12:00W25m Pistol (Individual & Team)Qualification ( Rapid Fire)
14:30–15:3025m Pistol (Individual)Final
SHO 0609:00-13:00M/WSkeet-50 (Individual & Team)Qualification (Stage 2)
13:00Women Skeet Eventual SHOOT-OFF
13:30Men Skeet Eventual SHOOT-OFF
14:30W  SkeetFinal
15:30M  SkeetFinal
28/9/2023 ThursdaySHO 0709:00-15:00W10m Running Target (Individual & Team)Qualification
09:00-10:15MAir Pistol          (Individual & Team)Qualification
11:30-12:30Air Pistol          (Individual)Final
SHO 0809:00-12:00M/WSkeet75 Mixed TeamQualification
12:00Eventual SHOOT-OFF
13:00Skeet Mixed TeamBronze Medal Match 1
13:30Skeet Mixed TeamBronze Medal Match 2
14:00Skeet Mixed TeamGold Medal Match
29/9/2023 FridaySHO 0909:00-10:15WAir Pistol          (Individual & Team)Qualification
11:30-12:30Air Pistol          (Individual)Final
09:00-10:30MRifle 3 Positions (Individual & Team)Qualification
14:00-15:00Rifle 3 Positions (Individual)Final
30/9/2023 SaturdaySHO 1009:00–09:30M/WAir Pistol Mixed TeamQualification
10:45–11:10Air Pistol Mixed TeamBronze Medal Match 1
11:10-11:35Air Pistol Mixed TeamBronze Medal Match 2
11:35-12:00Air Pistol Mixed TeamGold Medal Match
SHO 1109:00-15:30Trap-75 (Individual & Team)Qualification (Stage 1)
1/10/2023 SundaySHO 1209:00-13:00M/WTrap-50 (Individual & Team)Qualification(Stage 2)
13:30Women Trap Eventual SHOOT-OFF
14:00Men Trap Eventual SHOOT-OFF
15:00W  TrapGold Medal Match
16:00M  TrapGold Medal Match
Note: The competition schedule is subject to change in accordance with the competition procedures          and broadcasting circumstances.

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