3*3 Basketball

2022/04/10 14:11

3x3 basketball evolved from street basketball. The first international 3x3 basketball tournament was held in Frankfurt, Germany in 1992. From then on, the game started to gain momentum around the world. 3x3 basketball made its Asian Games debut at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, and its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020.

3x3 basketball is played on a half court. As the name suggests, 3x3 basketball features three players in each team and it's similar to 5x5 basketball in terms of rules, skills and tactics. Here are some major rules for 3x3 basketball different from the traditional basketball game: Each period usually lasts 10 minutes; players are not allowed to shoot or dribble in the check ball area; if a defensive player gains possession of the ball inside the arc by a steal, block, or defensive rebound, they need to dribble it out or pass it to a teammate outside the line before they can take a shot; three fouls are allowed for each player, and a player who commits four fouls get fouled out.

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