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Softball is a direct descendant of baseball and the rules of both sports are substantially similar and baseball is sometimes referred to as hardball to distinguish the two.

In softball games, each team consists of 17 players. The defense fields nine players at a time, while the offense takes turns batting. During the offensive inning, all nine players of the offense must bat the ball in order, but the pitcher is not required to bat. Softball games consist of seven innings, and both teams get a chance to bat and defend in each inning. Only the offense can score points. The team with the highest cumulative score after seven innings emerges as the winner. If the game is tied after seven innings, extra innings will be played until a winner is determined.

The softball of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre from September 26 to October 2, where the athletes will compete for 1 gold medal.


VenueShaoxing Baseball and Softball Sports Culture Center
26/9/2023 TuesdaySBL 019:001Field APHIvTHA
SBL 0211:302Field ATPEvSGP
SBL 0315:303Field AJPNvHKG
SBL 0419:004Field ACHNvKOR
27/9/2023 WednesdaySBL 059:005Field AHKGvSGP
SBL 0611:306Field AKORvTHA
SBL 0715:307Field AJPNvTPE
SBL 0819:008Field ACHNvPHI
28/9/2023 ThursdaySBL 099:009Field AJPNvSGP
SBL 1011:3010Field AKORvPHI
SBL 1115:3011Field ATPEvHKG
SBL 1219:0012Field ACHNvTHA
29/9/2023 FridaySBL 139:00Super Round#1Field APRA#1vPRB#2
SBL 1411:30Placement#1Field APRA#3vPRB#4
SBL 1515:30Placement#2Field APRA#4vPRB#3
SBL 1619:00Super Round#2Field APRA#2vPRB#1
30/9/2023 SaturdaySBL 179:00Placement#3Field APRA#4vPRB#4
SBL 1811:30Placement#4Field APRA#3vPRB#3
SBL 1915:30Super Round#3Field APRA#2vPRB#2
SBL 2019:00Super Round#4Field APRA#1vPRB#1
2/10/2023 MondaySBL 2115:00Bronze MedalField ASR#4vSR#3
SBL 2218:00Gold MedalField ASR#2vSR#1
The competition schedule is subject to change in accordance with the competition procedures and broadcasting circumstances.

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