A senior citizen in Hangzhou plans a special press exhibition welcoming Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

2022/04/04 11:46

Hangzhou 2022, which will be held in September this year, tugs at the heartstrings of all citizens in Hangzhou. Among them, Zhang Xuegen, an experienced journal collector, tried to present a special present made by himself to this event. From over 20,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals he has collected, this collector has managed to organize a sports game themed press exhibition, which witnesses the development of Chinese sports industry and the rise of China's national power.

Zhang Xuegen, aged 69, is the vice president of Newspaper Collection Branch of China Newspaper Association, the member of China Collectors Association as well as of Hangzhou Writers Association. His 24 bookcases are filled with over 20,000 kinds of journals, including about 100 kinds from Qing Dynasty, 600 kinds from ROC, various kinds of newspapers published since the founding of PRC, around 10,000 kinds based in Zhejiang, 40 important special subjects, over 200 kinds of ROC's periodicals, the first issues of over 2,000 literature and history magazines and more than 8,000 literature and history books. His collection spans 337 years.

From June 1996 to now, he has been collecting journals for 26 years. His oldest collection is Court Bulletin that can date back to the period of Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong (three emperors of Qing Dynasty). In order to welcome Hangzhou 2022 which is firstly hosted in Hangzhou, he has been working hard to reorganize his collection for preparing a sports games themed press exhibition in recent two weeks. Eventually, he selected over 100 newspapers about sports games, which almost can reflect the whole sports history of modern China.

Actually, before that, Zhang Xuegen has succeeded in giving 8 themed old press exhibitions, such themes as China's National Day, the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, red literatures about 100 years history of CPC. This is the first time for him to conduct a press exhibition themed by sports games. In preparing these exhibitions, he has received great benefits, too.

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