Present special police was once a champion at Asian Games

2023/08/18 17:28

Xu Yanfei, a native of Jiande, Zhejiang Province, was the Men's Sanda 70kg Champion at 2006 Doha Asian Games. Now he is deputy captain of the patrol special police brigade of Tonglu County Public Security Bureau in Hangzhou City, ensuring the security and smooth conduct of the equestrian at the 19th Asian Games.

"Engaging in sports cultivates not only skills but also willpower, which has a great impact on me," 42-year-old Xu Yanfei looked back on his past athletic career.

Today, as a guardian of the Hangzhou Asian Games, he not only conducts patrol and control and emergency response, but also provides police skills training for police officers and auxiliary police officers involved in Asian Games security. This training ensures they are optimally prepared to welcome the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Regarding the Hangzhou Asian Games, he shared, "Anyone who has been an athlete knows that the excitement and enthusiasm run in our veins. This is the highest form of respect and resonance for the spirit of sportsmanship."

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