Special double personalized stamps for Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

2022/04/04 11:45

Created by China Philatelic Co., the special double personalized stamps for Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 are the first stamps that are themed as sports with the number of GPZ. They are designed by young designer Zhao Yuzhu and are issued in limited quantities.

Relying on the color system and visual image elements of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, it integrates historical culture, modern aesthetics and imagination of the future, combines the sense of art, science and technology and sports, shows Chinese civilization, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou flavour and charm of the times.

Adopted special layout, numbering and technology, the stamps partially show colorless fluorescent ink patterns and full-color effects under the purple light, conveying China Post's best wishes forAsian Games Hangzhou 2022.

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