Customized Jade Seal for Hangzhou Asian Games 2022

2022/04/04 11:45

The precious seal bearing the emblem of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 as the bottom seal is authorized by HAGOC and produced by Hangzhou Xiling Seal Society. It is created jointly with Sang Jianhua, the director of Xiling Seal Society and Shen Jianyuan, a Chinese arts and Crafts Master.

It is a jade seal that runs through 5000 years of Chinese civilization. From Liangzhu civilization to modern Asian Games culture; from splendid civilization to the grand gala of Asian Games; from the flow of the Qiantang River tides to the extraordinary refinement of Asian Games lotus; from Millennium classics to @ future; the cultural defusion spanning thousands of years reflects the integration of "tradition" and "modernity", and contains best wishes for Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

"In Asian Games grand gala, Seal of Emblem shines forever". Asian Games Hangzhou 2022's jade seal of emblem implies integrity, solemnity and success. It is also a kind of lofty praise that contains the enthusiasm of Chinese and even Asian citizens towards Asian Games and conveys spirit and culture of Asian Games.

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