Core graphics and color system of Hangzhou Asian Games

2022/04/04 11:45

The core graphics and color system are the basis of the visual image system for the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. Integrating the elements of sports, Chinese culture, Hangzhou as the host city, and international aesthetics, and rooted in the history, culture, nature and innovation of Hangzhou, the design of the core graphics and color systems echos the visual signage of emblem, mascots, slogan, and sports pictograms. Altogether, they create the overall atmosphere and underlying aesthetics of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. 

Core Graphics

The theme of the core graphics of Hangzhou Asian Games is "Meeting the world", which is inspired by silk, the quintessential cultural element of Hangzhou. Hailed as the paradise on earth and the home of silk, the city was a key linking point on the Maritime Silk Road. The design absorbs both traditional and modern styles and adopts a combined approach of static and dynamic touches to depict the graceful yet flexible, fine yet smooth, gentle yet vibrant traits of silk unfurling in the air. It represents the artistic conception of "meeting the world". The core graphics foretell the OCA family's reunion in Hangzhou and the diversified Asian sports culture to be showcased by the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. Besides, the silk unveils a modern painting scroll of "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains", the traditional masterpiece depicting the oriental fascinations of the regions south of the Yangtze River. The interweaving elements such as mountains and rivers in watercolor or ink wash, and smart cloud computing constitute an expansive space of visual delights and boundless imagination.  

Color System 

The color system of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 is themed as "harmony of colors", inspired by a famous poem by Su Shi from Song dynasty, "If the West Lake was the Great Beauty, she would look beautiful whether in light or heavy make-up". Drawing upon the essence of Chinese color culture and Hangzhou characteristics, the designers have developed a color system dominated by Rainbow Purple, and complemented by Glowing Red, Mist White, Laurus Yellow, Glimmering Blue, and Lake-and-Mountain Green, which altogether exquisitely depicts a livable city of pellucid waters and lush mountains, and a vibrant Hangzhou embracing innovation and sports.  

Rainbow Purple is the dominant color of the "Tides Surging" emblem of Hangzhou Asian Games, a color implying reunion and unity, vibrancy and innovation. Associated with the connotation "the sun and the moon reflecting the glory of the new era", it conveys an auspicious and energetic image and underlies the visual identity of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. 

As auxiliary colors, Glowing Red is inspired by transient twilight, Mist White by inclusive light ink wash, Laurus Yellow by laurel flower and fragrance, Glimmering Blue by clear skies and ripples, and Lake-and-Mountain Green by lush mountains and nature. Varying hues of the colors not only merge into each other through juxtaposition and overlapping, but also add luster to the leading color of Rainbow Purple.  

Upon the release of the core graphics and color system of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the charm of "Meeting the world" and "harmony of colors" will be widely promoted. The designs will be applied to venues, TV broadcasts, celebrations, cultural activities, urban landscaping, vehicles, uniforms, tickets, official merchandise and so on. With the exquisite images, easily recognizable designs and cultural connotations, Hangzhou’s atmosphere of Asian Games will be further enriched, and the aesthetics of Asian Games reach far and wide, resonating with every participant of the event. 

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