Picking of West Lake Longjing about to start
Source:Tianmu News

Picking of 43 species of West Lake Longjing tea, a variety of green tea from Hangzhou, will kick off on March 12, according to a press conference held on March 9. 

This year, digitalized management will continue to protect brand values and increase practical yields. 

Agriculture and market supervision departments in Hangzhou jointly issued regulation toward digitalized management of West Lake Longjing tea. A new digital system has been applied. 

The system helps tea planters manage data such as area of tea plantations, locations and annual yields and eliminate counterfeits in the market. 

The system was put into use in March 2020, providing a full range of services for tea planters and tea companies in Hangzhou. In a survey conducted last year, 98.02 percent of users were satisfied with the system. 

In the future, corresponding authorities will continue to promote the implementation of the second phase of the system, providing more convenient and intelligent services for tea planters and tea companies.