Hangzhou Crayfish Rushed to Buy Fresh in March
Source:City Express
Recently, Lingling, a well-known seafood restaurant in the north of Hangzhou, "Zhejiang C Old Neighbor", skillfully recommended: "Would you like crayfish?" Spicy, minced garlic and steamed can be made." Is there crayfish still in such cold weather?" " Yes, the new dish just served in March.
That's right. Although the temperature in Hangzhou is still about 10 degrees Celsius, many citizens' down jackets have not yet been taken off. The first batch of crayfish has entered the Hangzhou market. Judging from the current situation, the newly listed crayfish is small in quantity and the price is high. Friends who like to eat can taste fresh first. It is expected that it will take 4 to wait until 4 times for the real fast food. Mid-month.
In the wholesale market
At least 15 Yuan per catty is more expensive than last year
In Hangzhou Wensan Road and Wanshouting and other farmers' markets, there is no crayfish stall now. In a community fresh food store on Qiuxia Street, north of the city, the owner said that there was no stock in the store, but there were already in the wholesale market. If customers need it, they can help to book. Come and buy it the next day, the price is about 40 Yuan/jin.
In Hangzhou's largest aquatic product distribution center, Qianqiao Jinjiang Aquatic Products Market, only one stall in the north of the huge market has crayfish for sale. The stall owner said that according to the size of the size of the crayfish on the stall, there are currently more than 40 uan/jin and more than 60 Yuan/jin. This price is much higher than that of previous years. The lowest price increase is about 15 Yuan/jin, and the large batch is about 20 Yuan/jin.
The stall owner said that due to the weather this year, crayfish was also on the market earlier than usual, and it would not be on the market until about a month later in previous years. Now the crayfish season has just begun, and the specifications are relatively small. The local crayfish has not yet been. At present, all the crayfish sold are from Jiangsu, mainly some "wintering shrimps", with black and red shells and tighter meat.
At present, the daily trading volume of the stall is about 100 jin. Most of the people who come to pick up the goods are hotels, nightclubs and stalls. Most of them are just a preview to let guests know that this year's crayfish has begun to go on the market. After a period of time, the local shrimps will grow well, and the overall price will definitely fall significantly. It is expected that in another half a month, the daily trading volume will reach more than 1,000 catties.
The first group of lobster guests
It will be in place on March 1st
"The quality of crayfish is in place, and the whole city sends... Now the crayfish is worth owning..." In Lingling's circle of friends, the promotion of crayfish has been sent twice in a row. In addition to the canteen, many guests have ordered takeout.
"Our first batch of crayfish were on the market on March 1st, and we also used crayfish purchased in Jiangsu." Lingling said that the crayfish they use is 6-8 Yuan/size, sold by weight, and the method can be chosen by guests. The current price is 128 Yuan/jin, compared with 108 Yuan/jin last year, it is 20 Yuan more expensive per catty, "mainly because the purchase cost is high." Lingling said that she also asked the purchase why the price of crayfish is so high this year. The response from the purchase was that the local output was too small, and the supply exceeded the demand, and the purchase price naturally went up.
"One tail to find immortals" is a brand specializing in crayfish takeout in Hangzhou. The customer service said that crayfish is supplied by them all year round. At present, it is relatively expensive to pick up, so they can only raise the price. The middle part of the signature crayfish is generally 10, with a total amount of about one and a half catties. The current price is 248 Yuan/piece, which can be made into spicy brine. Three flavors: steamed and minced garlic. Before that, a medium-sized crayfish cost only 198 Yuan. "Now it can sell about 50 catties a day. Once the crayfish gets the price down, our price will be adjusted accordingly." The customer service of a tail searching for immortals said.
Hangzhou crayfish "sand resort"
Opened to welcome guests
Near Hu Xueyan's former residence in Hangzhou, there has been a large number of night snack bars specializing in crayfish for many years. It is a famous "sand resort" for crayfish in Hangzhou. After more than two months of silence, now they open the door to welcome guests.
On the evening of March 3, Wang Xiaojing welcomed the first group of fresh customers in the crayfish shop near Hu Xueyan's former residence in Hangzhou. Wang Xiaojing's lobster shop is located on the side of Wangjiang River. There are signboard red lanterns hanging at the door. The store has been cleaned up, waiting for new and old customers to come to their doors. People wrapped in down jackets to taste fresh food are a group of senior regular customers, and the news is particularly well-informed. What's the taste price of crayfish? Wang Xiaojing said that the newly listed crayfish sold for 180 Yuan a serving, which was 10 Yuan more expensive than last year.
Next door, Wangjiangmen 215 Brothers Lobster Restaurant has also begun to receive guests. "We specialize in crayfish business and set up a WeChat group, which is full of senior old friends. As long as the group says, guests will come to taste fresh." Boss Huang of the 215 Brothers Lobster Restaurant said that it was officially opened last Friday. The weather is still relatively cold and rainy these two days. Business in the store is relatively ordinary, but it can sell nearly 100 crayfish every day. "Business is not worry, but now the cost and price is so high that there is basically no money to make."
On the menu of the 215 Brothers Lobster Restaurant, steamed lobster is 198 Yuan/piece, spicy lobster 166 Yuan/serving, and 13 fragrant lobster is 166 Yuan/serving. Boss Huang said that this was last year's menu. Now the price has risen so high that they can only add a little bit, 10 Yuan per serving of crayfish, and when the purchase price is cheaper, they will adjust it. Boss Huang said that the price of crayfish has risen so much this year, which may be related to the fact that merchants are currently focusing on using 6-8 Yuan/weight mid-range shrimps. "Before, large rows of small hotels liked to use small shrimps. Many of them have been closed this year, and those who are still open have also begun to use this batch of the most common middle-range shrimps, resulting in a shortage of shrimp of this specification. Prices have also been rising all the way.
Hangzhou crayfish consumption this year
Or usher in a sharp rebound
Boss Huang said that in Hangzhou, the crayfish business generally starts in March of each year and ends in December of that year, and can do business for about 10 months. The peak season of each year usually begins in late April.
In recent years, Hangzhou's crayfish consumption capacity has been increasing. It is said that it has squeezed into the top three in the country, and more than 6,000 tons of crayfish can be sold in a peak season. During the peak season of Wangjiangmen 215 Brothers Lobster Restaurant, more than 600 crayfish can be sold a day.
However, affected by the epidemic, the crayfish business across the country encountered "Waterloo" last year. Some websites have done research. The unit price of crayfish consumed at night in 90% of the provinces of the country has decreased year-on-year, among which Beijing and Shanghai have the largest decline, with an average decline of more than 35%. In Hangzhou, the business of many lobster restaurants fell by an average of 20% last year compared with the craziest in 2018.
For this reason, crayfish merchants are rubbing their hands and intending to turn around in this year's crayfish peak season. Listing ahead of schedule is also a small trick. "In fact, the morning market can't make much money, mainly to seize market share in advance. The competition is so fierce that you can't beat slowly. The crayfish business will be better if the weather is a little hotter. Boss Song of Wangjiangmen's famous Agen Lobster Restaurant said.
In addition, adding various new flavors has also become one of the choices of merchants. Previously, it was only made as a "one-tailed fairy hunt" for spicy braised crayfish. This year, two flavors, steamed and minced garlic, were added. After the Agen Lobster Museum officially opened on March 12, it will also launch several new flavors of crayfish. "Last year, I went to Changsha to play. When we saw braised crayfish, we also want to have a try." Mr. Song said.