Hangzhou Food
Source:G20 official website

Chinese poet Su Shi (10371101), also known as Su Dongpo, had a strong liking for Hangzhou cuisine and acclaimed that Hangzhou's feasts are unmatched in the world. The gems of Hangzhou are Dongpo Pork, Beggar's Chicken, West Lake Grass Carp in Vinegar Sauce, Longjing Shrimp, Sister Song's Fish Soup, West Lake Water Shield Soup and Braised Bamboo Shoots, to name just a few. 

Moreover, local snacks are also worth trying. A huge variety of local delicacies unique to Hangzhou such as congbaohui (fried dough sticks wrapped in thin pancake), Dingsheng cake, xiao long bao (small steamed dumpling), Wushan pastry, spring roll are sure to entertain your most sophisticated palates. 

Ubiquitous as they are, you are encouraged to embark on a walk to seek out your favorite dish or delicacy amid scenery or alongside a bustling street. Wandering into the Hangzhou Cuisine Museum, you finds yourself the opportunity to get a grasp of the evolution of Hangzhou cuisine and thus to better cultivate a local taste.