Double-decker Buses Back in Town
Source:City Express

A new batch of double-decker bus No.520 will debut tomorrow on March 12, half a year after the previous "Gold Double-deckers" were out of service.

Painted in red and featuring USB ports, the bus can comfortably accommodate 54 passengers with its airplane-cabin-designed leather seats. It also offers panoramic roof views on the second story that is second to none.

According to the Hangzhou Public Transport Group, Hangzhou will operate bus No.520 between Huanbei Community and Baguatian on normal weekday schedules.

During the weekends, bus No.520 will run on the “Big Red Bean” tourist route, traveling through important stops of the following: Hubin, Su Causeway, Hangzhou Zoo, etc. from 9 am to 5 pm.

The bus fare is 5 yuan for each ride.