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@Press all over the world: here is an invitation from Hangzhou Asian Games
2021/11/15 15:39 Source: Tianmu News

The 1st World Press Briefing for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 successfully concluded on Oct 19. More than 400 representatives from 110 media organizations participated. 

A press conference was held after the press briefing. Media officers of OCA attended the press conference online.

According to the press conference, media construction of the Hangzhou Asian Games is under preparation.

The main media center is located in Hangzhou International Expo Center, which was the main venue of the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit. Each of the 55 venues has a media center. News information services will also be Olympic standards. 

It is reported that media registration for Hangzhou Asian Games will start in November this year.

OCA media officer Dan Hubp spoke highly of the preparations for the 1st World Press Briefing and Hangzhou Asian Games. 

He said that in less than a year from the opening of Hangzhou Asian Games, the world press briefing has established a bridge of communication between Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee and press all over the world. He believes that Hangzhou will provide high-level service for athletes, technical officials, and registered press from various countries and regions, and jointly present a wonderful event.