How to Make an Appointment to Visit Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Exhibition Center?

2021/04/14 10:59

Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Exhibition Center opened for the public on January 1, 2021, receiving group visitors from enterprises, public institutions and social organizations. 

The center is located at No. 150, Fuchun Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, covering about 500m2 on the sixth floor of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee. 

The center, with the theme of “New Age of China, New Asian Games of Hangzhou”, is divided into four exhibition zones: “Flame of Asian Games, Mission of Our Era” “Hangzhou Time, Tides Surging in Zhejiang” “Sport Gala, Festival for All” and “Asian Para games”, displaying the responsibility of China as a great power, the achievements of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, and the preparation and periodical progress of Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games from multi-angle, all-round perspective using immersive multimedia form of exhibition. 

The first exhibition zone mainly introduces the close tie between Hangzhou and the Asian Games, previous Asian Games, sports history of Hangzhou, and sports celebrities of Zhejiang. More than 40 exhibits are collected, including national-treasure-level items representing inheritance, gold, silver and bronze medals of Beijing 1990 Asian Games, torches and emblems of previous Asian Games, and personal donations from Olympic champions. 

The second exhibition zone displays the progress of Hangzhou Asian Games from bidding to current preparation, giving an in-depth introduction of sports programmes, venue layout, Asian Games culture, market development, and other aspects. 

The third exhibition zone shows how the Asian Games is changing and improving Hangzhou in the section of “Asian Games for Better City”. 

The fourth exhibition zone introduces the preparation work of the 4th Asian Para Games. 

The whole center provides an important window and platform for the public to know better about the bidding and preparation of the Asian Games, spread aesthetic culture of the Asian Games, and participate in interactive activities. 

Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Exhibition Center is open to the public to attract more people to know better about, take part in, and give support to the event, thus helping to successfully host a gala of culture and sports with “a colorful integration of the charm of Hangzhou, the beauty of Zhejiang, and the characteristics of China”. 

How to make an appointment? 


From January 1, 2021 (working days excluded) 

Way of appointment 

Contact: Mr. Guo (0571-85256205) 


1. The center receives group reservation from enterprises and public institutions only. 

2. The person in charge of the reservation should take your ID card and letter of introduction signed by your enterprise or institution. 

3. Make your reservation 3 days in advance. 

4. Make sure to obey the requirements of the prevention and control of Covid-19. 

5. Fill in all required information. 

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