Asian Games Village Open Day: media's journey to green, intelligence, and culture

2023/09/14 14:47

On September 12, the Asian Games Village in Hangzhou hosted a media open day with the theme of "Green, Intelligence, and Culture", during which 100 reporters began their exploration of the Asian Games Village.


After registering the low-carbon accounts, reporters can accrue points through participating in environmentally-friendly practices, such as taking public transit and walking. These points could later be exchanged for low-carbon gifts.

In the Athletes Village, the Zero-Waste Exhibition Hall showcases low-carbon, green, and eco-friendly practices everywhere. For example, the rooms are equipped with coat hangers, and cups made from wheat straw; while the dining area offers biodegradable utensils, and the lighting source is from a solar-powered 'green electricity' setup.

Still, the Asian Games Village encourages sustainable consumer behaviour and eco-friendly practices, such as the use of shared bicycles, plastic-free shopping, and Clear Your Plate campaign.


In the Smart Experience Centre, reporters saw an array of state-of-the-art facilities, including 3D array cameras, glasses-free 3D viewing, virtual cycling apparatus, performing robotic dogs, piano-playing robotic musicians, automated table tennis ball servers, among others.

Participants have the opportunity to cycle in a virtual environment using the intelligent cycling equipment, or use the 3D printers to create Asian Games-themed, Hangzhou cityscape and sports items-shaped chocolates.

Further enhancing the impressive roster of technologies are autonomous vehicles and machines such as unmanned ice cream vans, driverless AR-integrated smart buses, fully automatic mosquito eradication bots, and automatic delivery and cleaning vehicles. These smart technologies streamline and optimise the operations of the Asian Games Village.


The Asian Games Village is home to three unique cultural houses, respectively nestled in the Technical Officials Village, Media Village, and Athletes Village, showcasing the charm of Chinese culture in various dimensions.

The cultural house in the Technical Officials Village, themed "National Style", takes visitors to interactive activities in various art forms, such as bronze sculptures, root carvings, West Lake silk umbrellas, porcelains out of the Southern-Song-dynasty official kilns, traditional guqin (Chinese zither) of Zhejiang school, and tea art. 

The centrepiece here is the magnificent Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers, a bronze artwork using the "fused bronze" technique that combines lush green landscapes with China's ancient bronze lineage.

The culture house in the Media Village features traditional Chinese culture, including books and poems, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), encompassing interactive showcases around traditional Chinese medicine, calligraphy imitation, and 3D rendering of the Baduanjin – a form of Chinese exercise.

The culture house in the Athletes Village is replete with energy and vibrancy, featuring an Interaction Zone consisting of seven themes, 22 interactive items, and two Chinese Bridge interactive experiences. Daily custom activities include hands-on woodblock printing, intelligent engraving, Changhua bamboo weaving, and Xiaoshan Guojiang cloth weaving.

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