Kids draw 100m-long scroll featuring Asian Games elements on 200-day+ countdown in Ningbo

2023/03/07 16:49

On March 5, the painting activity of "kids to greet the Asian Games" was held in Xiangshan Sailing Centre, Ningbo, Zhejiang. Accompanied by their parents and teachers, about 130 children from Ningbo were invited to draw 100m-long scroll featuring Asian Games elements with paintbrushes to celebrate the 200-day+ countdown of Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kids are using colourful paintbrushes to depict what Hangzhou Asian Games is like. [Photo/Jiang Manru, Xiangshan Convergence Media]

Many elements were presented on the canvas, such as cute mascots of the Asian Games, athletes with vigorous physiques, boats sailing on the waves, moving beach volleyball, and lighthouses illuminating the course.

"I would like to watch the competition in Xiangshan during the Asian Games!" "Congcong, Chenchen and Lianlian that I drew are the most beautiful!" Yu Hanyue, a child from Ningbo Municipal Youth & Children's Palace, showed the works to the reporter, full of a sense of accomplishment.

The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Xiangshan Asian Games Office introduced, "We hope to improve kids literacy on the Asian Games through the activity and to invite more attention and participation for the Asian Games."

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