Newcomers to the Grand Canal! Asian Games-themed water buses put into operation today

2022/06/23 13:33

Recently, the Grand Canal ushered in newcomers—two brand-new shuttle boats. The first trial voyage of the Asian Games-themed boats since their upgrading has attracted the attention of many tourists and citizens. 

The boats take on a bright new look both inside and outside and have been re-painted on the surface, according to the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Waterway Development Group. One boat adds the relevant elements of Hangzhou Asian Games into the design of the hull. The other boat, which is jointly sponsored by Hangzhou Waterway Development Group and Wahaha Group as the official sponsor of non-alcoholic beverage of Hangzhou Asian Games, introduces many flowing designs to display the new image of the Asian Games-themed commercial culture of Hangzhou. All the walls, floors, doors, stair treads inside the boats have been upgraded and improved.

Water buses are also licensed retail outlets for the Asian Games, where visitors can buy the Asian Games souvenirs. During the operation, the boats will pass by Gongchen Bridge, which is the prototype of Asian Games Mascot Chenchen. Citizens and tourists on both banks may take group photos with the Asian Games-themed boats and Gongchen Bridge. 

It is reported that both boats will be put into trial operation today, which marks the eighth anniversary of the acceptance of the Grand Canal as a world intangible heritage, and will be officially put into operation on July 1. The boats will follow the route of Water Bus Line 1 in operation. Citizens and tourists may go to the Canal World or Xinyifang Pier to take the boat to Gongchen Bridge and then enjoy themselves in Qiaoxi Historical & Cultural Block, City Mall to the east of the bridge, and a group of museums along the Grand Canal near Gongchen Bridge.

Recently, the Grand Canal ushered in newcomers—two brand-new shuttle boats.

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