Statistics: What is magic about the lawn in Football Field?

2022/04/15 18:08

Hangzhou is about 200 kilometers from Jinhua. Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 closely connects Hangzhou with Jinhua. Jinhua Campus Stadium of Zhejiang Normal University is one of venues for football group competitions of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. This is the international football competition venue, and what is the secret of the lawn here?

Shen Weihong who has been engaged in lawn planting and care for 28 years, introduced: "The laying structure under the turf of the venue is very complicated, divided into 7 layers, including sprinkling irrigation systems, drainage tubes, gravel layer, non-woven fabrics, 10cm medium coarse sand layer, 25cm planting sand, and nutrient soil. The turf is above seven-layer structure."

How long does it take to lay the lawn? One day is enough. The staffs use the lawn paving machine to lay rolls one by one, press the gap with the lawn compacting machine, and then flatten the lawn with the rolling machine, which can only need one day. The regular trimming is required to prevent the uneven growth of the lawn. Between May and September, the lawn shall be trimmed once a weekand the height shall be 20-25mm.

Seen with naked eyes, the footballfield seems to be flat. But, in fact, with the slope of 3‰, it is high in the middle and low on both sides, to effectively prevent the water accumulation on the lawn during the rainy season. The sensor is installed under the lawn, to monitor the numerical values in a real-time manner, and transmit them to the mobile phones of the staffs.

The reconstructed venue is built according to the sports process standard for international events. The natural football lawn reaches the national first-class venue certification standard. During the event, the venue is able to accommodate 12,265 spectators at the same time.

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